How to Plan the Perfect Theme for your Wedding                

Planned to Perfection – a monthly column by Bijou Wedding Venues.

Having hosted a multitude of themed weddings, from the simple and subtle to complete extravaganzas, Bijou Wedding Venues are here to share some thoughts on how to make your wedding theme special.

Every wedding will have a guaranteed theme of love running through it, but choosing a certain colour or unique theme to add to your day can quickly shift your focus towards the material details. At Bijou Wedding Venues, having witnessed an abundance of wonderful wedding themes, we know that the best ones keep love at the centre, making your day not only more special for the two of you, but easier to pull off because it won’t feel forced. Read on for inspiration to make your day unique to your relationship.

Pick a Meaningful Theme

As a wedding day is all about love, it seems obvious to choose a theme that is also something you love. Most importantly, if you want all parties to be involved in the decision making and planning, make sure it is something you both love equally. A good place to start is either somewhere or something you both love. We’ve popped some conversation starters for you below. Try and pick something based on how special it is to you, rather than what elements of your day can reflect it – those decisions come later.

  • A treasured holiday destination, or perhaps even where you got engaged
  • A favourite collection of places such as festivals, ski resorts or beaches
  • Where you met, whether that be university, your hometown or a special event
  • A shared hobby
  • A film or book you both love
  • Your style as a couple – do you love luxury, rustic chic, or country house glamour?

Make your Wedding Theme Come to Life

We have all been known to spend many hours scrolling through Instagram and/or Pinterest, in awe of the myriad weird and wonderful wedding themes that couples from around the world have come up with. At Bijou, we know which elements of your day will actually be noticed by your guests, and which elements are most treasured to couples, and have brought those together to create a fail-safe inspiration list:

  • Transport – a fairytale day requires a fairytale horse and carriage
  • Food – talk to your venue about creating a bespoke menu, or adding fun extras such as an ice cream trike for a touch of summer fair nostalgia, or a popcorn machine if you are paying tribute to your favourite movie.  
  • Drinks – perhaps some themed cocktails could add a unique flair to your drinks reception. Alternatively, if your theme relates to a favourite place, choose wines from that country to serve during your wedding breakfast.
  • Dress code – Get your guests involved with a dress code to match your style.
  • Wedding cake – Perhaps one of the most obvious elements to theme on your day, a talented patisserie chef can bring almost any idea to life nowadays.
  • Favours – Give your guests something to remember your efforts by. We’ve seen everything from lottery tickets for a Las Vegas themed casino celebration, to Ferrero Rocher chocolates transformed into Harry Potter themed golden snitches!
  • Centrepieces – These don’t always have to be flowers. Get creative with photo frames, lanterns and keepsakes.
  • Entertainment – Either chose to create your own playlist for a DJ, or hire a band to enhance your evening. A Ceilidh is perfect for a rustic themed wedding, or if you dream of your favourite band playing, why not hire a (good!) tribute band?  

Traditions – can you include any special features in your timetable? From cricket on the lawn to whiskey and cigars in the evening, why not ask your venue to see what is possible?

Top Tips: Budgeting for your Wedding Theme

The old saying “less is more” has never been more apt than when you are designing a wedding theme. Too much, and your wedding can quickly turn into more of a novelty event than a celebration of your relationship. Not only will a few tasteful touches be more individually noticed and appreciated by your guests, but it also means your wedding theme doesn’t have to break the bank.

Expert Tip: Know Your Budget

Always keep your budget in mind, and be selective with your choices. Never impulse buy if something is expensive – sleep on it, and then decide if it’s still an absolute must for the two of you.

Expert Tip: Consider DIY vs Hiring or buying décor

Take your time to work out whether going DIY with anything is both good value and doable in your spare time. Things always look simpler on Pinterest than they actually are!

Expert Tip: Tell your Guests!  

After all the effort you will have gone to, make sure your guests know, so that they are prepared to join in the fun. Remember to specify on your wedding invitations if you are hosting a specific theme like a black tie, or perhaps include a hint to your theme in the design of your wedding invitations to get guests excited for the big day ahead.

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