Real Wedding: Jill & Jeremy

When Jeremy proposed to Jill in the Valley of Kings, they both knew that they wanted a personal yet beautiful wedding, with the focus on flawless hospitality for their family and friends. Jill recollects the romantic moment: “In front of the temple of Hatshepsut, who was one of the only female Pharoahs, he buried a bottle in the sand that I had to dig up and find. When I pulled the bottle out, I read the message ‘will you marry me?’ painted on it.” A wedding fit for royalty, then?

Jill and Jeremy tied the knot at the sprawling Deer Park country hotel in East Devon. Choosing a venue was a breeze, says Jill. “I’d been to Deer Park on a short break before, and was so impressed with not only with how fabulous the venue was but just how quirky, eccentric and laidback the place and the staff were. I remember saying ‘if I ever got married, this is where I’d get married’, so when Jeremy proposed, it was a no-brainer.” The couple wanted to keep their big day as personal and close to their hearts as possible, inviting all of their guests down for two days.