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When it comes to exclusive-use, you’re in expert hands with our team at Bijou Weddings. We only host exclusive-use weddings, because we know that you deserve the absolute best on your wedding day. But what exactly does exclusive-use even mean? Essentially, the venue you choose is booked out entirely by your party, so that on your day it is only you and your guests enjoying the entire premises. Here, we’ll take you through your wedding journey, from the initial planning process, through to the end of your big day; you’ll soon see how choosing exclusive-use can be the single most-influential choice when it comes to creating an incredible day.

Expertise in Planning

Even before the big day arrives, you’ll be able to experience the benefits of booking an exclusive-use wedding venue. As these types of venues are run by a team who host weddings – and weddings only – you can rest assured that even during the planning process you’ll be receiving the most expert advice and support. Their wealth of experience means that you’re more likely to be dealing with wedding specialists at these venues during the run up to the day, who should pay much more attention to the unique details within your planning.Couples often feel a pressure to make their day original, and at an exclusive-use wedding venue you won’t have to worry about your wedding ending up like everyone else’s. These venues are often able to offer more options to customise various aspectsof your day to suit your personal style, as they won’t be trying to make your wedding coordinate with any other event also happening at the venue. On the day, because exclusive-use venues are run by wedding specialists, even the most complex of plans should run seamlessly.

Top Tip: Always check that any unusual or bespoke ideas that you have in mind are allowed at your chosen venue before you book to avoid any disappointment.

Getting Ready in Comfort

When the big day finally arrives, you and your bridal party deserve to get ready without a single ounce of stress. You simply cannot beat the comfort that an exclusive-use wedding venue can offer, as, with no one else sharing the premises, it can truly become your home-from-home for the day. It’s inevitable that you’ll want to check on the decoration of the venuewhile you’re getting your hair and make-up done, and at an exclusive-use venue you can wander around in your rollers and slippers without feeling uncomfortable. The house is yours!
The Perfect Space for Your Ceremony

After months of meticulous planning and a busy morning getting ready, it will be time to relax and enjoy your day. This is when the luxury of booking an entire venue, not just specific rooms, is so valuable.

For your ceremony, your guests cannot get confused with any other wedding party also using the venue. So, when it comes to one of the most important moments of your life, it will feel extra special being surrounded by only your friends and family and no one else.

After saying your vows, because the whole house is yours, no-one will have to shepherd your guests around another wedding party, and you won’t feel like you’re on a conveyer belt throughout the day. Instead, your celebrations will likely have a far better flow from your ceremony and into the rest of the day.

Top Tip: Always make sure you have someone who is prepaid to act as Master of Ceremonies. If your guests are enjoying particularly large grounds, you’ll need someone with a confident, loud voice to make any announcements.

Capturing Your Photos in Privacy

Of course, at an exclusive-use wedding venue the only people there on the day will be your guests and the venue’s staff, so there won’t be any unexpected extras in any of your wedding photos.

If you’re lucky enough to have glorious sunshine on your wedding day, you can enjoy the grounds of your venue with your photographer, without feeling limited to where you can and can’t be because of big crowds.

If the weather isn’t looking it’s finest (and let’s remember we are in the UK!), you’ll simply have far more space inside the whole venue to explore alone with your partner, rather than being restricted to specific rooms you’ve hired. You won’t have to feel embarrassed while posing for photos as you will only be surrounded by those you’ve invited.

Whatever the weather, the privacy of exclusive use venues will always enhance your opportunities to capture photos that you’ll want to treasure forever.

Top Tip: If your photographer hasn’t been to the venue before, find out if they can visit with you prior to the day to scout out perfect spots for romantic couple shots and group photos.

A Reception with Attention

As the celebrations continue, perhaps into a banquet followed by an evening party, exclusive-use venues really come into their own. You can be sure that you are getting the staff’s full attention as they won’t have any other distractions. The bar service will likely be quicker, as they’ll only be serving your wedding party, which means you won’t lose your guests just because they’re waiting for a drink.

The staff will only be thinking about your wedding on the day, so it’s likely that they will know your plans in more detail, giving a more personalized service. They’ll also have the time to be far more attentive to you and your guests, so what should always be one of the most special days of your life can also be one of the most luxurious.

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