Ultimate Ways to Wow your Wedding Guests                

Planned to Perfection – a monthly column by Bijou Wedding Venues.

This month, the team at Bijou Wedding Venues share inspirational ways to impress your wedding guests; from choosing the perfect wedding venue to food, entertainment and more.

In a world where seemingly everything is shared on social media, we all know how easy it is to feel the need to impress, especially on your wedding day. We’ve spoken to plenty of couples who have just discovered the endless supply of inspiration on Pinterest and Instagram, but also want their wedding day to be unique and not blend in with the crowd. Having hosted so many weddings, and spoken to so many wedding guests, we’ve compiled our advice for impressing your guests and giving your wedding the wow-factor.

Pick and Choose

Don’t think that adding wow factor needs to completely drain your wedding budget. Our advice is to think carefully about which aspects to spend time, effort and money on. Think about weddings you’ve been to: which aspects did you actually remember? It’s very easy to get caught up in #weddinginspiration online, and fall into the trap of thinking your centerpieces are THE most important part of your day. When you were a guest, you probably remembered the bride walking down the aisle, the prettiest part of the venue, and maybe the food or some impressive entertainment. In short, invest in what your guests will remember.

Top 3 ‘Wow’ Ideas

1: An extra-special venue

A wedding venue with a bit of a story is always a bit more interesting that a hotel they can stay at any day of the year. Look for a venue that suits your style as a couple and somewhere that will look timeless as the backdrop to your wedding photos in years to come. An exclusive-use wedding venue is a good way to make it feel as if your celebrations are more personal because the venue truly becomes your home for the day. 

2: Impressive food

You don’t have to pick dull “crowd pleasing” food that everyone will like. Think about choosing dishes that are slightly more special, or mean something to the two of you, such as food inspired by your favourite holiday destination – maybe even where you got engaged. Talk to your venue about how many options you can provide for each course and make sure your vegetarian guests don’t miss out on impressive food – a good catering team can make impressive vegetarian food too!

3: Super-charge the fun

Once you’ve impressed with a gorgeous ceremony and a stunning wedding breakfast, it will be time to let your hair down and celebrate. Entertainment such as fireworks, casino tables or a particularly impressive band with (a horn section or tribute band always livens up the dance floor) can take your evening party to the next level. As always, choose what you want to do based on what you know you would enjoy – it’s your wedding day after all! If in doubt, ask your wedding venue/wedding planner how your ideas might work. They will likely be able to give you plenty of advice from their wealth of experience.

Be Yourself

Most importantly, remember that you are inviting your guests because they are special people in your life. Therefore, you know them and know what will impress them. Try and avoid falling into the trap of trying to do something just because it will look impressive in photos. They probably won’t notice whether the petals your scatter down the aisle are white or ivory, so don’t let these little decisions keep you up at night. Every family is different – some of us will be blown away by an exquisite meal, and some will be wowed by a surprise singing waiter. Choose what brings you joy, not what will get the most likes on Instagram!


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